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Essential Hair Growth Tips

It takes enormous effort and time to grow thicker and longer hair. However, it doesn't mean you have to sit there, do nothing, and watch your hair grow faster. It would help if you did many things to stimulate a faster hair growth process. Even most experts, including Leo Izquierdo, recommends you must set up a multi-factor approach if you want to improve your hair's health and growth.

If you're searching for different ways to grow your hair faster and longer, you need expert information from reputable dermatologists, trichologists, and hairstylists.

This blog post provides various essential tips gathered from multiple hair experts to help you grow your hair faster and healthy:

Protective styles will keep your hair healthy

Everyone wishes to grow their hair faster and maintain their health condition. However, to be successful, you must ensure to wear protective styles. While it sounds easy and obvious, growing your hair faster requires patience and good practice. For example, you should hydrate your hair by wearing hair masks, use hair serum and avoid use of chemical treatments. Leaving your hair exposed will cause your hair to tangle and dry up, resulting in hair loss. And that’s something you don’t want to imagine.

Dust your hair to enhance its growth process

No one would want to trim or cut their hair, especially when they desire to grow their hair. They often wonder: how can you cut your hair to grow longer hair? But it’s true that if you want to grow longer hair, you should trim or cut your hair. That's where hair dusting comes in—a technique that removes the split ends, strand by strand. Despite what different hair products recommend, cutting your hair prevents hair from breaking off, preventing hair loss. So trimming your split ends is the answer to growing your hair faster.

Consult your doctor about hair growth treatments

If you're concerned about your hair growth and experiencing hair thinning and loss, you should consider visiting your doctor. A trichologist or dermatologist will help you know what's going on with your hair and administer the proper hair growth treatments.

Use Hair-growth oils to massage your scalp.

Everyone loves to have a massage. With that said, massaging your scalp enhances blood circulation and improves your hair's health. Most hair experts recommend using hair-growth oils to massage your scalp because they’ve antimicrobial and antifungal properties that enable them to prevent free radicals from damaging your hair.

Care for your scalp

The scalp is one of the most important aspects of growing your hair faster. That's why you need to focus on your scalp if you want to grow your hair faster. Since the epidermis and dermis are essential layers of the skin related to the scalp—they contain glands, hair follicles, nerves, collagen, blood vessels, and more—it makes sense why you should care for your scalp to enhance your hair's growth rate and health.



Growing your hair might seem like an easy thing to do. However, it's one of the most demanding processes. It takes time and patience to grow your hair faster. That means ensuring a proper hair care routine. For example, you should massage and care for your scalp to stimulate its growth, and trim your hair.

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