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The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine [5 Simple Steps]

Dehydration, breakouts, and intense heat are what we face in summers. The sun is shining upon us, it's a great time to freshen our skin. Summers is all about being in nature, pools, and vacations. Long days and dry, humid weather affect your skin differently. To avoid annoying rashes and stubborn tan, your skin needs ultimate protection from excessive heat and humidity. 


We all want to have that summer glow with clear skin and it can only be done with the right skincare game. We are here, to tell you the ultimate summer skincare routine with 5 simple and easy steps. These steps require less than 5 mins of your daily routine.

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Step #1 of The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine

Removing the excess oil from your face is the first thing to do. Excess oil can cause clogging of your pores and become a prime source of acne. You should opt for the best facewash as per your skin type to remove all the dirt and grime.


Step #2 of The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine

Breakouts are common in summers, mainly due to heavy makeup and pollution. In summers, our pores are open, when we sweat it clogs with dirt, pollution, or a heavy SPF layer. The best way to avoid this is to gently cleanse your face or use a clay-based mask. Exfoliation once or twice a week will rejuvenate your skin and make it look even more healthy. 


Step #3 of The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine

Fighting against pigmentation is a core element of your skincare routine in summers. SPF is the key to protect from sun pigmentation or suntan. Sun’s UV-A & UV-B radiations can be very harsh on your skin and cause premature wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. This is why sunscreen/SPF is your holy grail. It is not only recommended to use outdoors but also indoors. 


Step #4 of The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine

Keep your skin moisturized to reduce the risk of dehydration. Intense heat and dryness is the main cause of skin dehydration. With a daily intake of water, your skin needs the required hydration. The best way to have a plum and hydrating skin, serum, moisturizers, and hydrating face mask is a must.


Step #5 of The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine

Going less with makeup is always recommended in summers. On warmer days, having a thick layer of makeup feels unnecessary and it will easily come off because of sweating. So, one must keep it minimal, and less on the face. It allows your skin to breathe.