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Why You Should Use Hydrolats?

While essential oils are used for aromatherapy, they serve numerous purposes and offer many benefits that can enhance any lifestyle. People have been using essential oils for medicinal and health purposes throughout history. Similarly, using essential oils hydrolats for the same purposes dates back 7000 years ago.

What is a hydrolat?

A hydrolat or hydrolate is a by-product of the essential oil-making process. During the process, botanical plants undergo a steam distillation process to produce microscopic vapor droplets, which are collected for many purposes, one of them to make cosmetic products.

The choice of essential oil used in the steam distillation process matters greatly. Generally, though, a hydrolate has many benefits. Here’s why you should use hydrolats:

It eliminates toxins in the air

Most people turn to commercial room air fresheners because they believe they are extremely effective. Contrary to this belief, chemical sprays can cause damaging effects such as respiratory issues and allergies.

Unlike chemical-laden sprays, hydrolats neutralize and eliminate toxins in the air without concealing them. Even more important, hydrolats do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to your health. Instead, hydrolats offer aromatherapeutic benefits.

Hair and Skin Cleansing

Every day we come in close contact with pollutants, particles, and dangerous substances which find their way into our hair and skins. When we constantly expose ourselves to such harmful substances, they adversely affect our body's normal functions, resulting in hair loss, aging, and other negative effects. While many products in the market promise to cleanse our skin and hair, nothing works better than a hydrolate spray. It contains cleansing capabilities that deeply cleanse the hair and the skin to keep you safe from dangerous substances.

It boosts your mood

According to various studies, essential oils have therapeutic benefits. So, hydrolate products are the way to go if you want to boost your mood. Essential oils help solve various nervous and emotional disorders, including stress and anxiety. Hydrolates contain essential oils that soothe and relax your nerves, enabling you to avoid stress while stabilizing your mood. If you want to create a relaxing ambiance in any room, a spray containing hydrolases comes in handy.

It destroys bacteria

Everyone is at risk of contracting bacteria, which can lead to many illnesses. But you can prevent these bacteria by using hydrolates, especially those made from citrus fruits and geranium—they contain natural antiseptics and disinfectant properties. Hydrolats are more effective in treating skin irritations and preventing bacterial growth.

Skin and Hair Hydration

Adequate hydration is an important aspect of maintaining healthy skin and hair. While many products claim to moisturize your skin and hair, they do poorly. It would be best if you considered using botanical oils because they contain moisturizing abilities that can benefit your hair and skin. A hydrolate spray can help enhance your hair's compatibility and maintain your skin's moisture levels.

Why You Should Use Hydrolats?


Since Hydrolats are by-product of essential oils many cosmetics brand in order to reduce their cost are not using hydrolats but instead use water or flowers soaked in water.

Ensure to use hydrolate cosmetic products to keep your hair and skin healthy. They contain essential oils that help you maintain healthy skin and hair. Besides, they help regulate your mood and relieve stress and anxiety.