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Arise: A Community for Conscious Transformation

At Aromatherapy Drops, above natural aromatherapeutic and aroma-cosmetic products, we believe in the power of conscious community and transformational tools to help us live our best lives.

When the opportunity arose to co-create Arise, we were thrilled to jump at!

Arise is a community that explores life through conscious transformational tools.

By offering a series of SoulFul Pop Up gatherings both in person and online where you can connect with like-minded individuals and learn new tools for personal growth and transformation.

Arise mission is to raise the collective consciousness and create a world that is more aware, connected, happy, and caring of their wellbeing.


Arise gatherings are designed to be inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of personal growth, Arise have something for you.

The team  is expert in their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each gathering.

Allow us to introduce Arise team:

Paola -  After 15 years of studying and personally practicing Yoga & Meditation, and nearly 5 years of experience as a worldwide instructor, Paola created Arise with love and gratitude.

Paola:" It is a space where I invite you to explore your inner beauty, discover your boundless potential, and live the happiest, most abundant version of yourself."

You can connect with Paola via her website PracticewithPaola or Instagram.




Carolina - Floral Designer and Reiki Master Carolina has a passion for transforming spaces through her floral designs that are infused with Reiki. Carefully selected from local vendors, her flowers help you see and appreciate the beauty within nature.

Carolina: "We often walk past flowers without taking the time to stop and admire nature's creation. When we do take the time to observe the beauty within nature's creation, our entire circle of compassion and love expands beyond ourselves to the community around us."

As a Reiki Master and part of Arise, Carolina performs Reiki sessions to help you connect with your inner self, release blockages and negative energy, and promote overall wellbeing. Her unique approach to floral design allows her to create an energetic environment for any occasion. Her goal is to bring joy, love, and positive energy to your life through her art.

You can connect with Carolina via Instagram: AlchemybyCarolina 



We believe that personal growth is a lifelong journey, and we're committed to providing ongoing support and resources for our community. 

At Aromatherapy Drops, we believe that a more aware, connected,  and loving world is possible.

By coming together with Arise community, we can support each other on our journeys of personal growth and transformation. 




We hope you'll join us.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Arise