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Why You Should Use Essential Oils to Get a Better Sleep ?!

Whether you're a mum or have a busy schedule, you often struggle with constant sleep debt. You’re probably looking for ways to help you achieve better sleep quality.

Sleep is one of the most important ways of improving your physical, mental and emotional health. That's the reason why you should use essential oils to enhance the quality of sleep.

This blog post discusses why you should use essential oils to improve sleep quality. But before we dive into it, let's take a moment to discuss some essential oils for sleep.

Essential oils for sleep

Not everyone has a good sleeping pattern; that's why you'd find people dozing off on strangers’ shoulders in a vehicle or just sleeping at home. So if you're struggling with sleep, tend to switch off at odd times, or find it tricky to get some sleep when you wake up in the night, you should seek some help.

There are various self-care tools you can use to help you improve the quality of sleep. While there are many sleep remedies, essential oils are the most effective. People have used essential oils to calm and soothe their minds for a better good night's sleep.

Why and how essential oils can help you sleep better

Essential oils are natural substances from tree barks, leaves, seeds, flowers, resins, and citrus fruit rind. In the case of plants, essential oils are crucial when it comes to protecting plants—it helps with the survival and reproduction of plants. So by using them, they help regenerate, protect, nurture and strengthen the immunity of plants.

Essential oils have tiny molecules with unique chemical compositions depending on the type of plant. These chemical constituents can help enhance various functions in the body, heal multiple ailments, and other benefits. Some essential oils contain ketones, esters, and alcohols which help you achieve a night of better sleep.  

The effectiveness of essential oils’ chemical components on sleep

Smelling the essential oils with the above chemical components often cause a physical response, stimulating the body’s emotional and mental functions.

You will begin to associate positively with the smell of essential oils. For example, lavender oil drops help enhance the quality of sleep. But various essential oils are unique to different people because they may not work for everyone. If a specific essential oil doesn’t help promote your sleep, it helps to try a different one.

How to use essential oils

There are different ways in which you can use essential oils, including:

  • Topical application: You can apply essential oils to pulse points such as under the nose, forehead, and soles of the feet. Doing so will enable you to experience the sleeping benefits of essential oils. Rest assured, you will enjoy a peaceful night when they enter your bloodstream.
  • Inhalation: You can also use essential oils through aromatherapy to enjoy sleep benefits. The essential oils' molecules will enter your respiratory and limbic systems within a few seconds. So ensure to inhale an essential oil by diffusing it through the air or from your hands.


Essential oils like lavender are beneficial to our sleep. However, they may not work for everyone. So ensure to find the most effective essential oil that can work for your sleep needs. All in all, essential oils are effective in promoting the quality of sleep.