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The Process of Procuring and Creating

We often wonder where our food comes from, but rarely where the raw materials we nourish our skin, body come from. Like the food we eat, the most beneficial skin care product is a raw, natural and handmade prepared.

In the creation of each product, much attention is paid as well to all activities in order to preserve all the gentle and good substances that plants are bring to us. In such production processes, the plants preserve their essences and energy of the environment in which they grew, their fragrant and healing substances.

Aromatherapy Drops Cosmetic and Blends Collection are ritualistic products formulated with selected pure herbs from natural environment.

Firmly rooted in the principles and practices of Slow Cosmetics, always choosing exclusive partnerships with local suppliers or reliable suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and strictest transparency of raw materials. Their mutual commitment to only pure, unrefined plant ingredients guarantee unparalleled freshness and effectiveness of the products.

Unrefined whole plant ingredients contain hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. In short, there is simply no artificial ingredient comparable to the delicate, intricate and powerful science of nature.

The Balkan Peninsula is a natural environment rich in herbs along with Mediterranean weather that nurtures them day and night we gain plants rich with vitamin and minerals with multiple beneficial properties. For centuries, the people of the Balkans have used exactly what nature has given them, to preserve their health and vitality.

With many years of experience, Aromatherapy Drops integrated natural components into all product lines, following the principles of ecology.

In the creation of the end product, much attention is paid to all activities, in order to preserve all the gentle and good substances that plants possess. In such a production process, the plants preserved their activity and energy. Thus, they bring with them the energy of the environment in which they grew, with their fragrant healing substances. Once the plants are harvested, they reach the lab where they are turn into herbal skin medicine. Of course, the processing is done to the smallest extent possible to preserve the freshness, purity and vitality of each plant.

While most skin care lines use, plant extracts that are far from their source, have low nutrient density and vibration. Chemically or refined oils to reduce the natural odor. Refined oils may contain a petrochemical residue and remove useful antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes from the final product.

Aromatherapy Drops extracts and oils are produced without the use of chemicals, cold pressed to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the whole plant. Cold-pressed unrefined oils is not something that is often discussed in skin care companies, but it is the essence of Aromatherapy Drops products. All the carrier oils used are raw, cold-pressed, unrefined, and squeezed by the farms that grow them or by artisans. These oils are richly colored and have an unmistakably fresh scent, an indication that they are pure and unrefined.

Lejla Ljubenkovic, wanted for her daughters to grow following the principals of ecology and use clean beauty products in today’s fast-moving environment. Combining many years of experience in Aromatherapy and knowledge of essential oils, she created cosmetics products for face and body care based on natural and organic components, while their application will lead to creating a holistic experience.

Lejla is a brand creator, formulator, communicator with plants, a center of love and driving force. She achieves a balance by connecting phytochemistry, a world of intuitive trust and reverence for the wisdom of the whole plant, with ancient traditions. This balance allows long- term effective formulas to emerge.

Nature is an inspiration, a catalyst for the creation of formulas and rituals, and the greatest achievements come from silence and confidence in nature.