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Aroma Rituals

Why is skin routine important?
If you want to keep your skin healthy, then it’s important to follow a proper skincare routine. You may wonder, why does your skin really need pampering? Sometimes, dust particles seep deeper into the pores, and you need a cleanser for proper cleaning. You also shed skin cells that should be removed for a healthy glow. By following a proper skin routine, you can stay away from unwanted pimples, acne, and pigmentation.
Daily rituals
So what does a skincare routine include? You don’t have to do a lot; a little of your time,  a good cleanser, moisturizer, and  face mist are some basic items you should use daily. A good moisturizer will nourish your skin, and a  face mist with natural SPF or sunscreen will protect your face from harmful rays that give rise to wrinkles. It will certainly give you a sense of peace and satisfaction to see your skin in good condition. Let's give our skin some love.
Aromatherapy Drops - Soul to Skin Cosmetics
After many years of practice we created an assortment of products that act on the natural day and night rhythms of the skin, restoring and correcting skin conditions such as; sun damage, acne, dehydration. Skin can not be put in molds. Different concepts of care are needed in different periods of life and seasons. Skin type can change from day to day. Hormones and environmental factors can contribute to those changes. Primarily, there are four skin types: normal, dry - dehydrated, sensitive - reactive,  combination, unclean- oily, and mature skin
Here are some guidelines to recognize your skin type:
Normal skin - minimal T-zone, sebum production & moisture content are well balanced, fine pores, not sensitive, smooth texture, 
Dry - Dehydrated skin - tightness or even itchiness, dull, small pores, lines and wrinkles early visible. Note: Dry skin is deficient in natural oils (sebum). Dehydrated skin lacks water.
Sensitive - Reactive skin - reacts on physical and emotional burdens, red in nose and cheeks area, visible capillaries.
Combination skin - oily T-zone, enlarged pores, cheeks dry. 
Unclean - Oily skin - enlarged pores, prone to blackheads, blemishes or acne.
Mature skin - lack of flexibility and elasticity, more fragile, uneven, more wrinkles.
Start with your current skin type and follow the Skin Ritual Map we created, however most importantly to feel and see the skin needs and individually create a ritual that will keep the skin healthy and beautiful. Embrace and nurture your skin! 

Apart from the products mentioned above, eat lots of green vegetables and stay hydrated. Skin has the power of self- healing. It is necessary to find personal time for ourselves, in which we certainly find space for ritual day and night skin care. And the most important thing: Smile more and spread a positive vibe around you. Happiness is the key to having beautiful skin.