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Our Story

Aromatherapy Drops Brand was born in Europe. It all began fifteen years ago when mother of three daughters Lejla Ljubenkovic, wanted for her daughters to grow following the principals of ecology and use clean beauty products in today’s fast-moving environment. Combining many years of experience and knowledge in Aromatherapy (essential oils therapy), she created  products for face, body and mind care based on natural and organic components, while their application will lead to creating a holistic experience.
Lejla is a brand creator, formulator, communicator with plants, a center of love and driving force. She achieves a balance by connecting phytochemistry (a study of phytochemicals - chemicals derived from plants) with ancient traditions. This balance allows long- term effective formulas to emerge. Nature is an inspiration, a catalyst for the creation of formulas and rituals, and the greatest achievements come from silence and confidence in nature.
The Balkan Peninsula is a natural environment rich in plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals, as well as the power of  the Mediterranean climate. All these natural components have a multiple beneficial properties that are captured in our products line. Firmly rooted in the principles and practices of Slow Cosmetics, we choose exclusive partnerships with local manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality and strictest transparency of raw materials. Their mutual commitment only to organic, raw, unrefined plant materials guarantees incomparable freshness and effectiveness. In the creation of each product, much attention is paid as well to all activities in order to preserve all the gentle and good substances that plants are bringing to us. In such production processes, the plants preserve their essences and energy of the environment in which they grew, their fragrance and healing substances. Our organic, raw, unrefined ingredients of the whole plant contain hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. In short, there is simply no artificial ingredient comparable to the delicate, intricate, and powerful science of nature.
We believe that beauty should be a practice of loving personal care that begins and ends with attention.
Aromatherapy Drops mission is to be there for all of you on your life journey. 
Keep your skin, mind healthy and let your soul shine!
Our brand is more than just a natural cosmetic brand.
It represent the harmony between the Earth and humans.
Represents high standard for all Aroma therapeutic products,
their raw materials and the production processes. 
All our formulas must contain:
essential oils or cold press oils or hydrolats
- handpicked ingredients
 -produced in small quantity
 When nurtured naturally, beauty reciprocates twice!
-Lejla Ljubenkovic